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Dec, 2017

Back River 2018 Nominations

Back River Families the following nominations have been submitted to the board for you to vote on. Please come out and support Dec 13, 2017 @ Poquoson Community Center; doors lock at 6:30 pm, so get there early.

Back River 2018 Board Nominations
President - Derek Whiteside
VP of Administrative Affairs - Derek Goodson & Skye Ellenwood 
VP of Economic Affairs - Andrea Peters & Denise Boyd
Treasurer - Tabitha Diggs
Secretary - Jen Welsh
Football Coordinator - Healy Lawson
Cheer Coordinator - Ashley Whiteside
Concession Chair - Jenny Dorsey & Shannon Dalrymple
Fundraising Coordinator - 
Junior Football Head Coach - Geno Gray
Midget Football Head Coach - Joe Sutton & Robert Dorsey
Mighty Mites Football Head Coach - Mike Welsh
Mites Football Head Coach - Derek Whiteside
Flag Football Head Coach - 
Junior Cheer Head Coach - 
Midgets Cheer Head Coach - Tabitha Diggs 
Mighty Mites Cheer Head Coach - Ashley Whiteside
Mites Cheer Head Coach - Shannon Ferguson